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I haven't been crushed by a stack of totes

really, I swear I haven't.

My internet access is still sporadic, as will my posting for a while yet. Thems the breaks. Sorry... The good news is that I'm all moved in except for my bookcases, I love the 6 minute walk from my door to my desk, and I love being so close to everything. Not so much with the love for my downstairs neighbor's really loud TV, really loud phone conversations, and really loud walking (I can't explain that one either). Honorable no-love mentions to: the really drafty bathroom window, the lack of counter space, and the trickling water pressure.

Otherwise, the place is roomy and swell, and I am rather pleased.

In other news: there really is no other news. I sleep, eat, go to work, and repeat. We have a new secretary in the office, and she's a lot whiftier than she interviewed, so that's a challenge. P's sick, and my brother is officially way late for his birthday dinner and he needs to get here. Now. Before I say "screw his scrawny ass" tear into the manicotti already.


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