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Shoot it on over-

Do me a favor, Y'all. Hit the incomprable Stephee up with a lot of love. She's havin' surgery tomorrow, and has been havin' quite the hellacious past few weeks. She may not admit it, but she could use the lovin'. Alright?

And I found out that Magic Dude's house has 10 inches of water in it, he's going to have to deal with FEMA tomorrow. His landlord's doin' a bunch for them- but it's pretty much cemented his plan to leave the island and head back to Phoenix. He's done with it all. The commercialism, the quashing of the individualism/artistic spirit that drew him there originally. Key West is being condo-ized, and he's had enough. So... That kinda sucks.

And to steal something fun from Myspace...

Pick a band/artist ~ now answer the questions using ONLY SONG TITLES from the chosen band/artist.

Name: Elissa

1. artist you chose: Beastie Boys

2. are you a male or female: "Girls"

3. describe yourself: "She's Crafty"

4. how do you feel about yourself: "No Sleep 'till Brooklyn"

5. describe your ex boyfriend/girlfriend: "Hey Ladies/Hey Fuck You"

6. describe your current boyfriend/girlfriend: "I Don't Know"

7. describe your current location: "Transitions"

8. describe where you want to be: "High Plains Drifter"

9. your best friend is: "Brass Monkey"

10. your favorite color: "Electrify"

11. what’s the weather like: "Triple Trouble" (Hazy. Hot. Humid.)

12. if your life was a television show what would it be: "The Brouhaha"

13. what is life to you: "What Comes Around"

14. what is the best advice you have to give: "Fight for your Right"

15. if you could change your name what would it be: "Bobo on the Corner"

16. tell me something about the person who posted this before you: "Alright, Hear This" (Neidermyer)


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