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Kiss me, you misanthropic bastard!

Ok. My name is Special Sauce, and I've got a crush on a man who doesn't exist. But I'm telling you now, would the opportunity present itself, I'd do all manner of indecent things to Dr. Gregory House. (And yes, Hugh Laurie would be an adequate substitute. His eyes? Holy christ on a Triscuit.) What. This isn't House Anonymous? Shit. Wrong meeting.

That said, my burning lust isn't based on mere looks. Mad, mad props go to the writers. Season two is shaping up well, and they are making an effort to, despite the formula* make things interesting, and not come across as totally formulaic. I was actually laughing. Out loud. LOUUUUUUUUUD. At tonight's episode. And nearly crying. Not because of the little kid, but the way Hugh Laurie telegraphed the emotion. It was beautiful. Just excellent.

What I loved:

1. The Benadryl Delivery System: I'm definitely givin' that a shot next time.

2. No Sela Ward! (Sorry. Her character's very existence on the show is contrived, and I hate it. HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAATE it. )

3. Very Little Cameron (Still. SHUT UP Cameron.) And House's bit about "You'll try to get into a custody battle over the patient"? One of the funniest bits in there.

4. The look of abject horror/stifled laughter Cameron had goin' on after Chase told them he kissed the kid.

5. The "perfect hair" crack re: Chase. That, my friends, is such a shout-out.

6. Cuddy- "Are you high?"
House- "It's Tuesday. I'm wasted."
Cuddy- "It's Wednesday."

7. Was that Elvis Costello I heard?

8. They didn't make House become a total softie over a kid. (Because that would have made me vomit.) As it was, It was just enough.

9. No more Goody Cuddy (quite possibly the funniest thing from the recap last week.) She wore a very nice red blouse this time.

Now, my only gripe is that the good folks at NBC decided to broadcast "My Name Is Earl" at the same time. And I really like Jason Lee too. Dangit.

...And is it really freaky that I think I saw my ex-landlord in the Hurricane Rita coverage on the local news? I'd recognize that crew cut anywhere.


Blogger Special Sauce said...

I forgot to mention the formula*

*Patient has mystery illness/red herring illness. Patient gets progressively worse. Doctors try unconventional method of treatment. Treatment succeeds. Yay House/cottages. The end.

Oh. And my mother? Applied for the other secretary job in my office. She'd float with all the nurse managers. How funny is that?

7:01 AM  

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