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It's TV time!

OK, I'd like the head writer for House brought to my...err...house. (And perhaps Hugh Laurie too, just for gigles) so I can thank him, or at least shake his damned hand. Tonight's episode? AWESOME.

LL Cool J? Mama said drinking copier toner knock you out. (Even if it did take me till the credits to stop going "Damnit, who IS that? Shit, I know I should know this!")

Cameron? Shut. Up. Shut up. SHUT UP SHUT UP SHUT UP. Do your job. Shut up. P.S. Shut Up Cameron's Hair.

House? Shit. He'd mock my ass from here to London and back again, and I'd still probably crawl over shattered used urine sample containers to [this portion censored in the name of decency]

Cuddy? Peter Pan collars, even when paired with a kicky self tie, do not flatter you. At all. Trust me.

Chase? Wombat.

Foreman Car Thief? Wha-huh? Damnit, I should have paid better attention.

I even really liked the closing song, even if I can't remember where the hell I've heard it before. Anyone? Anyone?

Overall, good writing, great acting (mostly), whupped the ass of "Bones". That was a gigantic disappointment. I was so excited to see a show about a forensic anthropologist, because c'mon people, Anthropology is COOL. Forensic Anthropology? Cool to the 30th degree. But instead, we get 10% cool shit, and 90% boring, irritating, laborious intrapersonal drama and lurve life establishment. Fuck. They coulda done so much better for the pilot. I'll watch it again just to see if this was a fluke, but something tells me it's not likely. Sure, House has a ridiculously formulaic plot (Someone has a mysterious illness. Nobody knows what will cure them, but they're going to try shit, the patient will almost die, and miraculously not die [in the A plot] around minute 48/52.) But it's funny. It redeems itself.

I sense a rant coming on, but I think I'll stifle it, so I can get some sleep. Besides, I have a date with Joe Queenan, and that lovely little bedside tome- The Malcontents


Anonymous Susan said...

You heard it on the soundtrack for Shrek. I can't remember who did it, but I like it too.

I'd do House in a second too.

10:18 PM  
Blogger parcequilfaut said...

I haven't ever seen that show, but I read the recaps religiously, and will echo: Cameron, STFU and GTFA. Now.

I MISS YOU ALL AND I WANT TO COME HOME. That is all. This is like getting stuck at summer camp for a month when you were only supposed to be there a week.

11:30 PM  
Blogger Special Sauce said...

Susan- AHA! Thank you! It was driving me batty (but not batty enough to google). And Hugh Laurie, in general, is just one tasty little... well.. you know.

Parce- Seconded and thirded. The recaps are what got me watching in the first place. Much like the lost, lamented, CSI recaps.

and. Come back Parce! We miss you! But at least you get to make 50 miles of lanyard, and whittle and stuff while you're at camp, right?

6:39 AM  

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