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So what are you trying to tell me?

So they've all but said I've got the job, but they haven't officially made the offer. So, knowing my luck, they'll change their mind when Supertemp (dum da dum!) comes strolling in the door. But I did have my "interview" with my boss today, and my "benefits rundown" with HR today. I have some phone interview thingee where they determine if you're a homicidal axe murderer or not, tomorrow, and then I should know officially by the end of tomorrow, or beginning of next week. And my tentative Orientation date is the 26th. (Assuming I'm not a homicidal axe murderer.)

But their benefits? Kick it.

Health insurance after 1 month. (And it's GOOD insurance for 40.00/month)
4 sick, 4 personal, 6 holidays, and 10 vacation days per year.
Discount tickets to local stuff.
Dry cleaning pickup/delivery onsite (not that I ever dry clean anything...)
Base rate is .68 cents an hour more than I was making for Bosslady, and could start out at a dollar an hour more than she paid me. AND when they ask me to do a project? They give me what I need in order to complete it. Who'da thunk it?
Did I mention the health insurance? And believe you me, the first thing I'll be doing on the 27th of October is gettin' my brain prodded, my coochie peeked at, and a real physical (not one of those ones you can get from a guy in a pinto at the swap meet for 15.00, a REAL physical). And I'm getting drugs. LOTS of drugs. It's true what they say- when you have insurance, you use it. When you don't, well... lets just say it ain't pretty. (New Yorker had a good article about this a few weeks back, tying in moral consumerism or some such...)

I am feeling a bit more human today, but a bit guilty- the other secretary in the office was home sick today with the same galloping plague I have. The whole thing's on an accelerated track- with Contac and some sleep, I felt a lot better today, and I'm sure I'll be better still by the weekend. I think we must have gotten the funk from the same source- someone who visited the office...

Anyway, I'll keep y'all posted. This will be the first job in over a year where I'll have had stability AND insurance AND a steady paycheck all at once. I could plotz.


Blogger parcequilfaut said...


I need to go to a doctor soooo badly, but the Job that Won't End's lack of end date makes scheduling impossible.

Got my fingers crossed for you, and will petition Lakshmi for ya... ;)

7:13 PM  
Blogger Steph said...

that's so fancy, saucey! excellent!!!

and i was only slightly terrified at the coochie comment. *gasp*

3:10 AM  

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