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If only I had a digital camera...

Because if I did? I'd show you exactly why it's bad for a certain Sauce to wear closed-heel shoes. The really cute, yet really evil Earth Shoes didn't even make it out the front door this morning- they were cutting in at a really weird spot. So I donned the ouchy shoes. Oouchy because they're heels, but they're reasonably comfortable otherwise.

Today? They were little meat grinders.

The backs of my heels are hamburger. Entire hunks of skin? Gone. So I'll return the Earth Shoes of Doom, and get some infinitely more comfy shoes instead. In the meantime, I think I'll wear my lone brown mary janes tomorrow, being sure to bandage the hell out of the backs of my feet.

The rest of the job? AWESOME. I am working in the Nursing Administration office, and today I was the only one there (besides one head honcho) because the girl who was training me had a childcare emergency. (She came in, with her baby, for a few hours to get me set up, and then split.) It looks like the opening I'm filling is one for a permanent job- so lets hope I can impress the hell outta them.

If it came down to a contest between me, and the other guy who was in my orientation group this morning, from the same agency I'm from... I'd win hands down. He apparently had more notice than I did, but managed to screw EVERYTHING up.
1. Late to the 9AM meet with the HR rep
2. Parked in the visitors garage (pay) not the shuttle lot (which we were assigned)
3. Didn't bring his $5.00 deposit for his ID badge (crucial for getting anywhere, and clearly stated in the email we received)
4. Dicked around about his PPD test. (Dude, pick a time to come back and get it looked at. Not. That. Hard.)
5. Hadn't taken his drug test yet. (Fucker, I was up at 05:30, and at the testing lab by 07:00. You want a job? You MAKE time to do that shit.)

Heh. Too bad he's working at a different branch.

Tomorrow's another day!

(And to any of the nurses out there who wouldn't mind giving advice- is the arm that you had the PPD injection in SUPPOSED to ache the rest of the day? I can't remember from the last time. Also, anything exciting I should do to these heels, other than bacitracin, gauze, tape, and better shoes? There are no blisters, just open wounds.)


Blogger GoddessAradia said...

Before the evil Earth Shoes get thrown in the trash, let your feet heal a bit and try wearing them one more time on an off day. For me, the first time is hell, but afterwards I have no trouble.

And why can't I remember what PPD stands for?

9:57 AM  
Blogger Special Sauce said...

A wise idea- I ended up taking back the pair I got (which are exceptionally cute) and getting a different pair- more of a mary-jane style (skinny strap, though) with a padded heel back, in a size bigger. They're still a little tight, but I also had my heels bandaged pretty heavily. I'm going to try them tomorrow and see how that goes. Today was much better than yesterday, and I actually did more walking today. :)

6:19 PM  

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