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(picture me doin' the cabbage patch)

I got a jo-ob!
I got a jo-ob!
I got a jo-ob!

Granted it's only temporary (1 month), BUT it's at the hospital I worked at before, and there's a possibility that if they love me, they'll keep me on. And before? They LOOOOVED me. So. Keep your fingers crossed that the love, she continues.

I also got a long-awaited email today, complete with phone number, AND a surprise party to go to tonight (for which I am making chocolate pastry cream filled chocolate cupcakes topped with ganache, because it is not every day that your friends turn 40.)

So this day? Has been really fucking awesome. Getting a regular paycheck? Even more awesome.

*mixin' in a little white man's overbite, and a little polka too*


Blogger Special Sauce said...

Ok, and sorry for making you jump through hoops now, with the word verification, but I hate those damned spammer comments (they're a pain to delete), so...

4:40 PM  
Blogger GoddessAradia said...

S'ok, SS. I had to get the WV too. Seems lately the spammers have increased their assault.

And the Love...she will come a pourin' in for SS.

Prrrraaaiiisaaa Jeeezzzusssaaa!

3:56 PM  

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