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More Football Rambling

For those who hate football, feel free to scroll on down to the stealin' post. Because right now? I'm talkin' 'bout the Steelers. There's a possibility I may do a separate football blog this year, but no guarantees. You may be stuck reading football in with the rest of it all...

It's always interesting to watch preseason games, because you get to see players you may not normally get to see during the regular season. The second and third stringers are great to watch, because they're trying So. Very. Hard. Great stuff. Plus you get to have a bit more interview action with the players. Monday night, ESPN got to get a little more in-depth with Troy Polamalu.

Troy Polamalu plays like an absolute demon on the field. He's everywhere. He'll knock you flat, soon's look at you. That's how he plays, and damnit, he plays well. But then you talk to him. And it's amazing how soft-spoken and articulate he is. He is not your stereotypical "urg. smash guys. get ball." guy. He's the kind of guy you'd totally run into at the local organic/health food store, and he'd give you the skinny on what's good, and give you the heads up about a yoga class. He rocks it. Bigtime. And I hope to see more from him this year. (On and off the field.) And Awwww! He was "Teacher for a Day!" hee!

Hines Ward. Much has been made this year about T. Owens, and what a douchebag he's being about his contract. His "holdout" has been compared to Hines Ward's holdout. It's kind of like looking at the old Goofus & Gallant cartoons in Highlights Magazine. Hines Ward? Totally Gallant. Terell Owens? Goofus all the way.

Hines Ward held out because he felt he wasn't being taken seriously enough at the head office. He's on the last year of his contract, and he WANTS to come back. He wants to retire a Steeler. His teammates want him to retire as a Steeler, and by all reports, the Coaching staff wants him to stick around. He is consistently nominated for the pro bowl, and is an asset to the team. He did what he felt he needed to do, and when the head office said "We're not negotiating with anyone not in camp, and we never have" what did Ward do? He got his ass into camp. He apologized to his teammates and coach, and he meant it. (And frankly, if you saw him smile? You'd forgive him, even if he killed your mom, your puppy, AND your best friend. Because that smile, just makes everything OK. And he smiles a LOT. Why? Because he loves the game, the fans, the town, and life.)

Owens pulled dick move after dick move. He played his petty games in the media, he totally jacked his coach, and acted like a douche at every turn. He wants a new contract, after being an Eagle for a year. Man's already making upwards of 10 million dollars a year, and he was HURT for a good portion of last year. He's finally back in camp and.... HURT again. And wants more money? Stuff it, Ter-RELL.
As much as I hate the Eagles, I wouldn't wish you on ANY team, and I think management is correct in letting your contract stand. You play, or you pay them the money you owe. That's just how it goes, y'know, as a Grown Up and all. So shut UP, Ter-Rell.

I have to say that this is one of my favorite parts of the year. Football season starts up, and the world cools down a bit. The Tuesday Morning Quarterback column comes back to NFL.com, and all is right with the world. There's just something about being in a bar with a bunch of other fans (and generally they're strangers), cheering your team on. It's just a great feeling.


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