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So there.

Thought everything was swell yesterday when I went to bed. Diesel went out for a potty break, of her own volition I might add, around 9:45. She was tearing apart her bed, but everything was swell.

And then I woke up to a small pile of damp, regurgitated kibble, a puddle of pee, and a big old stack of doggy soft serve. (At least THAT she did on the wood floor, not the carpet, or you'd have heard me screaming in Memphis, Nashville, AND Las Vegas.) Which wasn't as awful as it could have been, but definitely screwed my breakfast plans for some peanut butter on an english muffin. The good news? Her mommy comes home tomorrow morning!

*insert jig of glee here*

Figuring this day can't get much worse (granted, it's only 8:30 in the morning) I decided to hit up the website for the Little Temp Agency That Could (damned well get me hired somewhere, please?) and see what they had available. They called me last week with tempting information about two positions, but hadn't followed up, so I emailed that rep, and gave her my interest for 2 additional jobs. Then I did the same for 3 other reps, and 3 other jobs. I hope I get an interview out of ONE of them this time. Luck is with me, because the "humongous job partnering with the local hospital I like" is still posted- the one that I skipped on because I thought I had a hard lock on the state gig. So, I sucked it up, and emailed the rep I had before, and let her know that my state job fell through (I assume so, it's been a month since my interview.) and I would be available for a six month placement, or even longer. I think with long term, you can get insurance (through the agency) and direct deposit- so I'd be all up in that.

And the pink suit I love so much? I am not wearing it to a job interview again. I think it's cursed. Three times I've worn it, and three times I've either blown the interview or gotten skipped over. I will have to find something else dressy, but less formal, or less cursed, or something.

Anyway. Keep your fingers crossed, and keep em extra crossed for ET who is having her own employment-type-woes, and for Stephee who is doing her second interview, and will most likely be headin' out to sunny Santa Monica by the end of next month.

And keep 'em crossed because my father is home from work all week. Let us hope there is no "SAUSAAAAAAAAAAAGE!-Gate" this time around. (And I have pre-empted his "get off your ass and get a job" rant, by actually seeking gainful employment- because I don't like this any more than he does.) I'm sure he'll have some other form of Dad-Fu ready, but I won't have to deal with it till tomorrow. (Lets hope things go his way.)

edited to add: 3 of 4 reps have gotten back to me, one had extra jobs that she could put my resume in for. AND the hospital gig is still open, plus, I think it's being repped by someone I used to hang around with in Junior High. Will have th check with her the next time I hear from her- her name is really, really familiar. And if it is her, well, I have incriminating photos of us from a trip to Williamsburg, VA, involving ridiculous clothing, shower caps from the hotel, and an attempt to look like a lunchlady... Muha. Muha. Muhahahahahaha.


Blogger parcequilfaut said...

Good zeluck, Elvis Twin. I have to get my ass motivated to apply for new things as soon as my contract gig-that-will-pay-this-month's-bills-a-bit-late-but-oh-well is over next week.

Check my blog for a new and important update...

2:13 AM  

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