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Food. Glorious Food.

I'm all-atwitter that the Amish stands are finally stocked with cucumbers, tomatoes, corn, and Canteloupes. Ecastatic even.

Supper tonight was 2 pieces of cracker bread spread with garlic hummus, topped with slices of freshly salted & peppered tomatoes, still warm from being outside all day.
Tomorrow I think I'll make fresh cucumber salad and have corn on the cob.

I also saw that my favorite stand has canning tomatoes for 8.00 a box (a printer paper sized box), so I think I'll have to put up tomato soup this weekend. (May eschew shopping in favor of this, because I'd rather hit an estate sale or an auction and try to snag a lap frame. We'll see.)

Also, if you're near a book or grocery store, or your local newsstand, pick up the August issue of Cooks Illustrated. It's got awesome recipes for blondies, fruit salsas, veggie burgers, and scads of other delightful stuff.

Today I baked my cake layers, and tossed them in the freezer, tomorrow I'll whip up the pudding, and early Friday, I'll assemble the cake in all its glory. Whee! I love summer cakes. I've also convinced Maa to teach me her mad Wilton skillz. We were looking at their stuff today, and while I will take the class (20 bux, plus the kits for 8 hours of class) I'm lucky, because we've already GOT all the necessaries. :)

Go eat something tasty!


Blogger parcequilfaut said...

The boss made me peanut-oil-and-soy-sauce chicken and rice today, which sounds nasty but is actually primo yum. And I ate IHOP funnel cake, which isn't as good as what you get at the fair, but will do in a pinch.

2:34 AM  

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