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Post Somethingorother Wrapup

So, G Monkey's back from vacation, and all is right with the world. Well, pretty much, anyway.

She had a fantastic time out in Los Angeles, and did lots of "research" for our upcoming business ventures- all of which is supposed to be reasonably hush-hush for the time being, but suffice to say, it involves a lot of writing and design work again, which would make me the happiest camper. I spent most of yesterday over at her house, first helping to move in two MASSIVE bookcases my dad built for her (and has 3 more to go). These bad boys are 4' by 8' behemoths, and are stained a beautiful reddish brown. (If it was hair, it'd be deep chestnut, with auburn highlights.) One is going downstairs in her front room, and the other four are going into her library. (And i have to tell you, trying to get those cases up 3 flights of stairs, through a narrow hallway, and into the room? Priceless.)

What else did I do yesterday? Paint the library. What colors? The walls are "Oriental Silk" which is a 2 step base & glaze that really does have the shimmer/sheen of a nice sunset colored piece of silk, and the woodwork looks like moonlight (also shiny, also 2 step) and the effect is beautiful. Well, what we could get done between when we started and 1:00 this morning, which is when I went home.

Once the cases are done, her books* will go up, opening up the front room for a project room, and we can begin in earnest working on some of the things we've been planning since last year**. First project? Window treatments, table toppers, and padded seat for a corner bench in the library. Hee!

In other news, the temp agency rep trying to get me a job at the hospital? IS someone I went to Jr. High with. Mercifully, she was one of the people who actually was a friend (few and very far between at that school). We reminisced a bit about stuff on the phone today, and while she hasn't heard about the billing job I'd kill for, she DID have a lead on another job with the hospital in the nursing support dept. They need a unit secretary. Works for me- I pretty much did that before when I worked there, and loved it. This job would be for a month, and if they liked me (how could they not?) there's a possibility of more work. So... cross your fingers. Also? It'd be a dollar, to a dollar fifty an hour more than I was making for Bosslady. That WOULD be nice.

And if you're out and about, Congratulate GoddessAradia on her new bunnies, and have you wished ET a Happy Birthday yet? And if you're out there Stephee, how did your interview go?

*G. Monkey's grandfather bought her grandmother the entire contents of a used/antique bookstore, back in the day. G. Monkey has all of the books, and there are some AMAZING finds in there. She also? Has a lot of books to find space for.

**We took a trip to fabric row in Philly, and have accumulated vast amounts of fabric to make aprons and other fun "vintage with a twist" projects. Now that she has a portable sewing machine (once it's serviced) and I have a backup portable (once I get it serviced) we can set up shop at her house, and go to town. (And this is only part of the great conglomerate we're envisioning. But I want to flesh it out a bit more before I spring it...)


Blogger parcequilfaut said...

I still want to be a Shirt Consultant, and see the graphic tee we talked about.

I am jealous of Stephee's library and have resolved to marry the first person who will buy me the contents of Bookman/Bookwoman.

When I get my phone fixed I'll call you. Thanks for the birthday love!

11:46 PM  

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