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Short & Something...

I spent 90% of the day so far rearranging furniture, and organizing my closet. Guh.

The good news, is that I now have a full-length-mirror that's not spiderwebbed with cracks. Why? Because I moved the big, lovely dresser from the storage unit sale into my room. Why should you care? Because I am no longer using a K-Mart tote as a dresser! HOORAY! Of course, there's an entire bureau over in the other room, which has most of my sweaters and fall stuff, and I need to go through it all, but let me have my fun.

I also went through my yarn, and got rid of (meaning, put in a pile for goodwill, or some other organization) all the crappy acrylic yarn, novelty eyelash stuff, and stuff I purchased for reasons I can no-longer remember. That said, I still have a purloined shopping basket, and a tall kitchen trash can full of yarn I'm keeping. Including a metric assload of sock yarn. So, no yarn buying for me this year. Best find? 2 more skeins of the pretty tomato-y striping yarn I am using for the multi-directional diagonal scarf I started LAST year, and will eventually finish for this year. I was going to have to improvise, but now I can make it as long as I want to.

Now, we'll see how long all of this cleanliness lasts.


Blogger GoddessAradia said...

Cleanliness has a habit of lasting...oh.....about 30 minutes in our house. If you can beat that, you are my hero!

7:11 PM  

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