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Thanks to Annie Modesitt's fabulous book (Confessions of a Knitting Heretic) I have finally learned how to cable.

In fact? I have learned to do braided cable.

That high-pitched joyous squealing? That's me. There was/is jumping up and down, too.

So now I'm working on this sampler bag from Annie's book, mine's in pretty purple Araucania Nature Wool yarn (Shade 29- varigated purples)I'm also doing braided, instead of the cable shown, and a little bit larger, because otherwise the bag is suuuuuuuuuper teeeny.

(note, this pattern is available in Confessions of a knitting heretic, the bag photo is from Annie's site, hosted here, to save her bandwidth. I did NOT knit this bag.)

(This doesn't mean I've abandoned the quilt. It means it's going slower. Football season=knitting season.)


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