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Oh Mama!

So, massive, humongous, colossal shout outs to my Maa. Because after the whole "Doesn't do your arms any favors" incident, she's been trying to point out clothes that WOULD look good on me. And now that I've been "hired" at the hospital, I was a bit dismayed at my shoe selection, as open toed and open heeled shoes are verboten. I? Have one pair of non-open toed/heeled shoes that are comfortable enough to wear to work. (And maybe a pair of flat mary janes, perhaps.)

Maa? Said "Fine, why don't we go to (schmancy shoe store known for their vast selection of ridiculously comfortable, yet unbelievably expensive shoes), and get you a pair of decent shoes." I was thrilled- and out we went. Within 5 minutes I had these bad boys. I will need the assistance of a shoehorn, but they're actually rather neat. Of course, they're made for pants, and I? Own no pants. (Seriously. No dress pants.) I figured I'd get away with wearing them with skirts, no problem. However in the parking lot she says "Do you want to go to the fat store?" (Not being mean- that's just what we call Lane Bryant.) "Because if you try on what I ask you to try on, I will prove that you look good in pants, and I will even spring for it."

Shit. With an offer like that? How can a girl say no?

So we went. And shit was on SALE, yo. We found a pair of brown, and two pairs of black pants, a nice skirt, 2 sweaters, a white blouse, a nice cami, and The. Coolest. Shirt. Ever. A chocolate brown sheer tunic, embellished with turquoise embroidery and subtle (not scary whory) sequins at the neckline, sleeves, and back of the neck. And score of the day? A brown blazer with lace trim for NINE DOLLARS. Marked down from 69. NINE. Even the buttons were more than 9.00. Mixing and matching with other stuff I own, I've got enough stuff to look very smart, professional, and downright cute, for a minimum of 2 weeks now. Seriously, I'm gonna look like a million bucks.

Who'da thunk it. ME. In pants. And I look GOOD. heh.

And on to the rest of yesterday- namely, the par-tay. Damned fine time. Madame Pop Deluxe was absolutely thrilled, and very much surprised. At least one of the gentlemen from the Martini Brothers was there, and a few from The birthday girl's old band, and they were packin'. Guitars, that is. We were delighted with an impromptu concert (Rockabilly!), and someone brought a karaoke machine.

I got to spend the entire evening hanging out with The Erics, The fabulous Miss Jenny, and The. Hot. Guy. who has yet to have a nickname (and it very well might be Umlaut, just because.) Ahem. More on that as it develops. (If it develops.)

So now I'm waiting to see what happens- all this good stuff is bound to be topped off by something bad, but for right now I'll deign not to think about that. Whee!
Hope your weekend's going well too.


Blogger Jo said...

DAMN YOU!! You put up a link to ANOTHER online shoe store!!

*koff* Sorry. I'm just trying to save pennies for a car right now, and the Shoe Whore in me is grasping at Danskos.

Your mom rocks, yo. I wish my mom could tell me what looks good on me, but we're both fashionally challenged.

9:35 PM  
Blogger Special Sauce said...

Oh, mah, Gawd. Let me tell you about those dansko dress shoes I saw, that I could not justify spending 134.00 on. (At least not today.)

Of course, I just opened their site, and found these AWESOME shoes which I like in the red, but would have to get in something more conservative. Though really, these look even better in person- more vintage pump-y, but with the evil dansko comfort.

(Though I did own a pair of dansko sandals, which I wore religiously because I spent so much money on them, but they perpetually turned the tops of my feet black.)

Mom's got better taste than I gave her credit for previously. I really can't believe how lucky we got today.

10:02 PM  

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