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Well, shit.

I may be made permanent at the Big Assed Hospital. Which is good. more on that later on, when I know more. But they're very interested in possibly buying out my contract with the Temp agency.

One of my favorite residents died Monday. Her viewing's tonight, so I'm going to that. Another resident I kinda liked died last night, my car's being retarded, and the news from the gulf coast just keeps getting worse and worse.

Please, consider making a donation (time, money, blood, airline miles) to the Red Cross or to help the animals through Noah's Wish
Thank you Jo for the link!

Ok, It's later- Here's more.

The viewing was nice- the family was really upbeat, and I went with a bunch of other folks from the retirement home. She was a nice woman, and her daughters are sweet.

My car is being stupid, and I'll be catching a ride to work tomorrow. The "low coolant" light came on, and blinked at me, but then went off today on my way home, but my antifreeze is ok, so I don't know WTF is happening with it. Pa is taking a look at it.

The Earth Shoes are comfortable, which is good. My heels are still revolting in all senses of the word. I'll have to stock up on gauze and neosporin tomorrow.

AND... what you've all been waiting for- or not...
The job skinny.

Well, the secretary who is training me, and at least one of the head honchos I'd be supporting seem to think I'm swell. The one guy (the one who may some "special favors") is tough to read, but he's also super independent, so... whatev. Anyway, SuperBoss asked me what I wanted to do with the organization, and found out "Stay right here" was my game plan, and put in a call to HR to see how they'd go about getting me onboard. There's talk of either buying out my temp agency contract or letting me serve my 300 hours and taking me then. Either way, I'm happy (though I'd prefer the former). I did my online application this evening, so we'll see. They've had crappy interviews so far.



Blogger GoddessAradia said...

Woot! Jobs rule! Err...no they don't, but it could be waaaay worse than a job you want!

9:52 AM  

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