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Guh Muh Ng, Durzgh AbMiduztrazun...

(Loosely translated- "Good morning, Nursing Administration..." And let me tell you, my voice today? SEXAY. 48 packs of cigarettes a day sexy.)

Yeah. So Sunday afternoon I started to get a sore throat.
By the time I "went to bed" Sunday Night even breathing was a bit of a hassle.

When Monday rolled around, I was contemplating how I could exist without a throat. I spent much of the day with a heat wrap around my neck, sucking down hot tea and advil.

I freakin' HATE cold and flu season. I'm sure this is some kind of fucked up "Oh, you've got a job? Great. You're working with people? Wonderful! Here's a big old handful of the diseases that are going around! Enjoy!" sort of thing.

Today I can breathe, and swallow without wincing (minds out of the gutter, gentlemen.) Well, breathing is a bit iffy- because now the congestion is starting. I may or may not be at work tomorrow. I'm going to try- because really- where else is a better place to be sick than a room packed to the rafters with RNs? And I do want to make a good impression because..

OH YEAH- I HAVE THE JOB! Heh. We discuss salary and stuff on Thursday.

So I'd like to NOT tarnish that, but we are caught up, and if I look/sound/feel like death, there's no reason to go passing it around to everyone else.

Anyway. If you don't hear from me for a few days, it's because the mound of kleenex has suffocated me.


Blogger GoddessAradia said...

The irony here amazes me!

First, you sound exactly like me - except that I've spent my time wondering how to live without a stomach, and if theres anyway to pull out wisdom teeth without leaving home.

Second, (And I swear this is true!) Every friggin time I have ever started a totally awesome new job, I get sick. Never fails.

Third, Yay! Yay! Woooooot! You got the job!!!

5:56 PM  

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