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The Incredible Return of Cheddar!

Or: Behold, the power of dick cheese.

So the all-call went out yesterday morning for a Cheddar Theater, which was indeed needed in the worst way possible. Plus, Horsty promised midgets, and there's nothing I like better than a good midget (or something like that). G. Monkey put the journal to bed at 1:00 on Friday morning, and then called Crazy now EX bosslady at the Little Literary Nonprofit That Could (cause burning sensations when you pee) to tell her that (and I'm paraphrasing) "You can kiss my ass before I ever do this shit for you again, so cut me my check, cut the design guy his check, and good luck ever getting someone to put up with your crazy-assed bullshit for practically nothing the way we did. See you in hell, Bitchcakes." of course, she might have been a bit more polite than that. Still, rough week for the Monkstress.

Apparently things were craptastic all around, so we ended up going for the stupid/funny ticket, and watched Psycho Beach Party. Lauren Ambrose, kicky 60s bathing suits, a homoerotic subtext (which encouraged the Professor to show exactly WHY he's the king of pantomime blowjobs...), and a surprise shout out to midgets made this movie perfect for an evening of laughing our asses off. I was actually laughing so hard, I started coughing bits of lung up. If you're up for a double feature- catch Psycho Beach Party AND the Lost Skeleton of Cadavra. Match made in heaven.

We also caught a little of the Rik Mayall/Adrian Edmundson show Bottom, and if I were the pirating type, I'd be getting Horsty to make me a copy of it. (I am. Feds, come get me.) If "Smells" was anything to judge the rest of it by, it's feckin' hysterical. Really, really quite good.

An excellent night, and I really like Miss J, the newest member of the group- she's a hoot.

The weekend should be good- of course, this morning Fat Elvis bit my finger (nice clean bite too, I have 2 holes in the top of my ring finger. When they heal up some, I may draw fangs underneath for a nice little face, but I'm a bit odd anyway). If there are egregious mistakes in here, blame him.

Maa's art show at the codger corral for really rich people (Not the one we work/ed for)started last night, and she's already sold 3 paintings. She is most pleased, and will probably sell more as the time goes on. Seems she sold a few the last time too. Huzzah.

I'm off to pay bills, make a few beaded ID lanyards for work, and perhaps start the fabric hunt for my halloween costume (Mermaid). I've done the sketches, and have a good idea of how I want the thing to look and a semi-decent idea how to do it, the hardest part will be the actual pattern drafting, and the wiring of the tail so that it flips up, and slightly away from my feet. (Because I took the easy way out last year, this year's has to be spectacular.)


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