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Damn, but I'm boring.

I really have nothing to report except the following:

I am making my first Key Lime Pie tonight. Tomorrow is one of my boss's birthdays, and the other secretary and I are making him KLP (his favorite, apparently).

I still hate having blood drawn.

I am enjoying some tasty Vietnamese food as I type. (Mock duck lo mein, mock duck springroll, and beef and fried potatoes. Oh, how I love the sharing method.)

G. Monkey and I came up with some really funny stuff last night involving some old cookbook photographs, and snarky comments. Once I have a sample I'll share.

And because I'm so dull today, why don't you go click the links on the right, and see some people who are vastly more exciting than I?
Edited to add: In fact, you should go read Orphie the Wonder Dog, because she has linked to me, and that? ROCKS.


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