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Oh MY.

So. Without getting into a lot of squishy details, I'm gonna tell you a little story. It's the story of why I'm so freakin' giddy today.

So a long time ago, Most Perfect Mom Ever, and Graphic Design God got married. I was MPME's maid of honor (snort away, but I am awesome at that stuff- later I'll tell you the story about how I made 2 of the bridesmaids cry). GDG's best man was a guy we'll call... Hypostomus. Lacépède (google it) for his choice in facial hair, or HL for short. HL was, in a word, hot. (In a few more words? Funny, intelligent, clever, and a swell dancer.) And as a bonus? We got along like a house on fire, we did.

The only problems? He had a girlfriend (that honestly, none of us much liked because she was a bit of a manipulative me-monkey) and oh.. he lived in O-fucking-hio. We spent a lot of time during the wedding weekend together, and met up a couple times afterwards, when he was in town. No monkey business, everything was strictly above-board and reasonably chaperoned. We lost touch after a while- these things happen.

So flash forward to today. When I discover:
1. He's working in my hospital
2. He's going to have to come to my office to get his paycheck.

This is when I lost my shit. In a good way.

See, I had heard he might be coming back, and if he did, he was going to work at one of the hospitals (we've got 3 major ones) and learn to be a Radiology Tech. I just never thought he'd be working at mine. Well he is. And he did come down for his check. And after he got his check, and finally figured out who I was (I look nothing like I did the last time I saw him- he says "Wow- you got taller, and you're a redhead now!" I think I still wore my glasses back then too, and had really, really short hair. so, to his credit, I wouldn't have recognized me either.) he came back down to my office and we caught up for like an hour... (Nobody else was around, and I typed while he chatted.

And we clicked again, I might say.

I also might say he's even better looking now. (And I certainly hope I am...)

Who knows where this will lead. He's hanging out at MPME & GDG's house tonight so I'm sure all parties will get the scoop. (I called MPME on my way home, and gave her advance warning.)

Anyway, I'm a giddy little bastard right now, and will perhaps make mention of this again if anything develops.

And of course my boss loved the Key Lime pie. (If he didn't he's an excellent liar.) I have to say, it was pretty freakin' tasty- and you can find the recipe in Foodage.


Blogger Steph said...

chiiiiiiiii-ching! yeah! hellz yeah!!! that is by far the best news i've heard in days. i'm SO happy!!!!! just do yourself a favor and don't ask me for relationship advice. if he knows what's good for him, he'll take you out and treat ya fancy!

or of course, i'll be forced to kill him. i live in the desert.......plenty of places to hide bodies out here.


8:22 PM  
Blogger Special Sauce said...

Honestly, I don't even need that "take me out to fancy schmancy places" crap. I'm content to stay in and cook most of the time.

I'd rather do something cool- check out a gallery, or go to the cabin/whatever or something like that. I'm way too self conscious at fancy places...

But the killin' offer, that stands. And it's reciprocal, you know, Stephee..

12:26 AM  

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