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Safe Water-

So I got a text message from Magicdude today- my friend in the Keys. He's dealing with Hurricane Rita in typical Magicdude (and honestly, typical KW resident) fashion. Namely, drinking his face off. Many of the bars are still open, simply shuttered, and waiting for the winds and rain to die down.

Did I leave too soon?

So I'm officially Official at work now. I've shed my red "temp scum" nametag, and have a brand new shiny blue "no, really- I work here" badge. I feel so... special.

No news on the rednecks next door, she's still there, but nobody knows why.

Other things? Going well. Hate to say it, but when I'm happy, I'm pretty boring. I don't actively have something to froth at the mouth about, but I'm sure I will shortly. (I could bitch about how much my arm hurts because I had my Hep B vaccine AND my second freakin' PPD test done on the same arm, but frankly, it's not worth it. Though I would really like to know where I got the bruise on the top of my right hand. Goofy.)


Blogger GoddessAradia said...

Yay for Official jobs!

It must be a "Florida" thing, cause thats what my friends did in Pensecola when Katrina passed by.

6:50 PM  

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