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All bets are off, man...

So the unthinkable happened.

I've officially met a blog reader.

Well. I've met him before, but now he knows who I am. And a seven year old bet has been settled.

For those of you not in the know, "Anonymous" who comments here on a semi-regular basis is a bit of a local celebrity (thus stated to keep his ego in check). And Anon. and I moved in similar circles, but didn't know each other- I know a friend of his. Anyway... by sheer virtue of his local celebrity, there developed a bet amongst my circle of friends.

Namely: The first one of us to lick Anonymous, in public, in full view of at least one other member of the group, would win a bottle of the alcohol of their choosing.

Well tonight I got a last-minute invite to a party, and given my giddy mood said, "Why the hell not?" especially because there was a very good chance that a particularly nice piece of eye/mind candy would be present (who has not been discussed here, Anon, but WAS there.) and because, frankly, I wanted a damned beer.

We get there, and shortly thereafter, Anon shows up. Long story short... G. Monkey Licked Anon, and has thus won the biggest bottle of whatever the hell she wants. And so, a seven year old bet is laid to rest... Amazing. I honestly never thought it would happen.

And Anon can attest: I swear twice as much in person as I do on here. Any other comments he'll make... well, that's his bag. (But remember, I know where you live, so they'd better damned well be at least semi-kind.)


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey! And who would have known Gmonkey would be the shy type. I thought you were gonna have to pump three shots into her to get her to win the bet.

Just call me Neidermeyer from now on, since that's how I go around music circles.

See you at the Rev!

Oh by the way, don't worry about not showing up. You fit right in with all the "definite's". It was mostly the "maybe's" who made it this time, and all twenty of us just about kicked the quarter and polished off all Mike's bottles ourselves.. bwuah-hahahaha

12:48 PM  
Blogger Special Sauce said...

G. Monkey is actually the more outgoing of the two of us, though I'm a bit more at ease when I'm around people I know.

That said, I honestly didn't think she'd do it.

I was hoping to make it over- but there's always next time, Neidermyer. Sounds like a rollicking good time was had by all- Excellent!

5:52 PM  

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