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Ok, there will be CSI spoilers in here, so read at your own peril.

There. We're ok now?

An episode like tonight's makes me lament the loss of weekly Television Without Pity recaps of CSI. (And of the four shows I watch on a pretty regular basis- House, CSI, L&Os CI/SVU, and Monk- I started watching House and CSI because of the recaps.) Honestly, one of the better episodes I've seen in a while. The team's back together. Warrick got married. (Yes. You read that correctly. MARRIED.) and Catherine's got her g-string in a twist about that whole "What, now I really can't schtupp 'rick? Shit." thing, and Grissom's working on whether or not the dude that tried to blow up Lil' Nicky had a partner. Oh, and they solved 2.5 cases...

Disturbing things? The hat Grissom is wearing for the exploded trailer scenes. Note to wardrobe: William Petersen looks Amish in a straw hat. The effect is not good. If he must have jaunty headgear, lets keep it to the reversed baseball cap variety. Unless, of course, he's done something to wrong y'all. In which case, punish away.

The Trans-Am Crock Pot. What are we havin' for dinner? How 'bout 2 DBs in the trunk of a Trans-Am, which has been in the heat of a Las Vegas summmer for at least 4 days? Nothin' says lovin' like stewed dead bodies in your trunk(in). Worse? Liam the former Lab Tech gettin' a mouthful of people squeezins.

Um. Warrick? Married? Yeah, that's disturbing. Also creepy? Facially, Gary Dourdan reminds me of my friend Magicdude. Not totally. Just certain aspects. Anyway.

Fairly well written, well-acted as always. Marg H's hair was alright, Jorja's was rather nice. (Tonsorial accidents are a bit jarring, ok?) Though, I have to say the whole Grissom/Charlie crimesolving duo felt a little tacked on somehow. We'll see how this plays out over the next few weeks, I guess.

Oh, and Stephee? Totally fightin' ya for him. And while I don't know Karate, I know Ka-Razy.


Blogger Steph said...

i will only rassle ya for Willie IF that gawd awful hat is NOT involved. did someone really think that was a good idea? c'mon!

as much as i lust me some CSI, it flips me the hell out when they're "on location" to places i've been. do you know how many f*in times i've been to the World's Largest Souvenir Store???? that's where i take everyone to get the fake Elvis glasses with the fluffy faux sideburns!

did i ever tell you that Warrick is #1 on Bert's Gay for a Day list? and Marg ranks pretty high on mine. so after Marg professed her lust for Warrick, I looked at Bert and said "EWWWWWW. MY girlfriend wants to bang YOUR boyfriend!".

now i feel dirty.

1:56 PM  
Blogger Special Sauce said...


I know, that hat? Total deal breaker.

And *LOL* "My girlfriend wants to bang your boyfriend". Priceless. Shit. And scary too. Heh. Marg looks too much like my ma, though. I'd have to aim for Jorja... *L*

6:22 PM  

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