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I own a hot glue gun, and I'm not afraid to use it.

And I've got the blisters to prove it.

Thanks for the limericks, MWN! Hee! Evil was prompted to provide a haiku (or 2)in return.

Special Sauce asleep.
Ah, she looks so peaceful there.
Must pounce on her head.

I have a plush pelt.
It is so very fuzzy.
I will make a fine hat.

Thanks for all of your good wishes (and "bitch, PLEASE"s to my boss.)

G. Monkey came over last night, and we enjoyed snacky food, and watched SVU and Kojak (Love Mr. Rhames, thought 2 hours was about an hour too long for the pilot, am pissed they're moving it to Sundays at 10pm, because I'll never get to watch it) and called it a night. Then we went out for breakfast and hit the craft warehouse.

I love the craft warehouse. It's like an airplane hangar, with ginormous specialty sections (10,000 square feet of nothing but scrapbooking and rubber stamping stuff!)a candle room, bathy stuff, a space that's bigger than the scrapbook area of baskets, wreaths etc, and a positively HUGE floral department (to say nothing of the regular aisles of craftage.) Upstairs they have reasonably priced jewelry, decor items, and a "Christmas year round" place. And candy. We didn't even make it upstairs this time. We ended up getting stuff to redo her front door wreath, and make something for her Mother In Law's 70th birthday tonight, and some other fun stuff. I got 2 jewelry kits (domino earrings, and a neat orange and blue beaded bracelet) for 1.30 each, woo! But the coolest thing was the project we did. The blister raising one.

We ended up making "Loch Ness Monster Wreaths", which sounds way more strange than they were.

They (the people who do flowers) make boxes of just rosepetals, for people who want to do cute things with them- usually I've only seen them in Red, White and Pink. We had some red ones left over from another project, and were going to cover a round styrofoam form in them- hang with a ribbon, and be all cutesy. Then we found the NEW COLORS...
pretty pale green (you'd never see a rose that color, but more like a hydrangea kind of color)
Pretty pale yellow and a neat purpleyblueylavender color that also looked more like a hydrangea petal.

We both snagged the green ones, and ended up covering a wide foam wreath form with them- and they're a little reminiscent of fish (or loch ness monster) scales the way they overlap, but damned if they didn't turn out great. So, her mother in law got one, and my mom got an early easter present (matches her green bedroom). I am definitely whipping up a few more of these, because it only took about an hour, hour and a half from start to finish (including the gluing on of individual petals, and burning the sweet fancy elvis out of my fingers, bcause I'm a dork like that)I may do some pink, or lavendery ones for my aunt and cousin- I'll have to take pictures of the one I did for SauceMomma, so you can see what I mean (because I realize the description means jack...) Suffice to say, it was cool. And relaxing (despite the burning)

Then, I did Easter eggs. FYI, the Peeps easter egg dye? Eats it. Stick to PAAS, and vinegar. Since the dye was crap, we ended up painting them with gouache, instead. (It rocks having a mom who's an artist.) I did a pretty nifty one with a tiger lily, and one with some hibiscus (hibisci? Heh) and a beachy one... Fun to paint but I kept getting fingerprints on them. *L*

Oh, and I ignored my boss's call today, because all it was was "You did a great job on the docs, and I have minor changes to make, call me when you get an opportunity to go over them." And I'm thrilled she likes them, but I was BUSY today, and tomorrow's the holiday, and her big whingding, so it can wait till Monday. When I'm, you know, actually IN the office. Though, if Evil needs to be opened up then and there during her appointment, my day will be restructured.


And I may be the only person to ever be elated about it, but... I got a questionnaire for jury duty in Philly. Woohoo! I probably won't get asked to show up, but it's federal court, so it will likely be something SEMI interesting. We'll see.

(Then again, is it really fair to let 12 people who couldn't get out of jury duty [or didn't want to] decide the fate of another person?)



Blogger Ghost of Goldwater said...

Jury duty? I can see it now...

"Burn! Burn! Fry, you fucker!"

"The court asks the juror in the glowing green dress with the orange polkadots to please sit down, and let me also remind you that this case concerns a ticket for double parking!"

7:42 PM  
Blogger parcequilfaut said...

I'll never get to be in a capital murder case, a la law and order, because of my beliefs on the use of force.

That said, Sauce for Prez.

Guess what, ET? Lunch Date with My Muslim, coming soon!

11:53 PM  

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