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Bizarre Dream

So this morning I woke up from a fairly odd dream. Odd both in subject matter, and the fact that I remember what it was about. Usually when I remember them, it's relevant now, or will be shortly thereafter, so...

This one started out with me in my old high school, with my friend John. We weren't high-school-aged, rather our current selves, and I was pop quizzing him on what he'd been up to since we had our falling-out. He was snarfing down half a toasted loaf of french bread, and some sushi. Strange, but not the strangest part.

Then, somehow, I'm in a resort town with a decent mall, and am somehow on a date with Hunter S. Thompson. Not the really old HST, but the HST of the late '70s, early '80s (when he was older, but still unbelievably good looking). I was still today's age, but he was younger (make sense?) and we started out at my house, then a really nice restaurant, then to the decent mall (?). HST was really swell, and had apparently checked with all these people who knew me first, so he'd know exactly what stuff I liked and didn't. And we were having a fantastic time together. Lots of laughing.

Then he said he wasn't feeling well as we went to a cineplex. And somehow, he shrank, (kind of like those "incredible growing dinosaurs" you'd put in hot water, and they'd absorb the liquid and get huuuuge over a few weeks, but in reverse, and rapidly.) - and then he shattered, and I kept trying to pick up the pieces and keep them together because I knew that if I could just get him home, and keep him warm, he'd be ok, and he'd become normal again. And somehow, in the hallways of the cineplex I had all the pieces together, but was tripped by a drug dealer. I freaked out, and the drug dealer's friend helped me pick up the pieces, and gave me drugs to give HST. And somehow, I got the pieces back together, and they were still small, but alive and starting to talk to me. Then I woke up.



Blogger Memphis Word Nerd said...

Hmmm. I don't really know what to make of that one. I don't really do dream analysis in my therapy (though sometimes I do it for fun on an amateur basis) but even if I did, this one would totally stump me. Wow. Cool.

1:12 PM  
Blogger Special Sauce said...

damned if it didn't make me go, Whuh? this morning too...

It's always the really bizarre-o ones that end up coming true in some way too. Like the time that I dreamed about a really tiny version of REM playing on top of a stove in my basement... about 6 months later I ended up going to see them in concert (and they weren't much taller than they were on my stove, I might add, from where I was standing).

Or having a wacky dream involving a rune, and then getting a necklace a few weeks later, from someone, with the same rune on it. Weird shit.

Lets hope I'm not going to have to put HST together after they fire him from a cannon. Though I wouldn't mind finding John again, when he wasn't being a typical dude in his early 20s, he was a lot o fun.

2:49 PM  
Blogger Steph said...

here's my dream advice.

put down the crack pipe and pass me the bottle of jack so i can play along.

did i ever share my fuckered up dream about being Sleeping Beauty? haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa. perhaps i shall blog it.....

4:17 PM  

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