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Galloping Plague

So, Pappa Sauce had the headcold from hades last week. To give you some idea, he was actually on the couch all day Wednesday, Thursday, & Friday. Pappa Sauce has had heart attacks, and not realized it, and kept working (mild ones, but still). He has fallen off ladders, catching himself by hooking his knee around one of the rungs, and limped like a bastard, but still worked. This cold kicked his ASS.

And I think I'm coming down with it.


Despite this, I OWNED the evilliptical this morning for a record-setting 50 minutes in. A. Row. Yarrrrrrr!

Also, I had an epiphany about what kind of employment I need to seek. Whee! And I asked Stoltzfus to put in a good word for me at the newspaper, since he knows someone high up there.

This week's episode of shit I love:

1. No Pudge Ice Cream Treats- never tried their brownies, but their ice cream cones are feckin' awesome, and only have 100 calories. The Cookies & Cream bar is huge, for 100 calories, but is just a little icy.

2. Migrastick- A little roller applicator of lavender & peppermint oils. Smells good, feels tingly, and does help a little.

3. Physician's Formula Retro Glow Mosaic Powder- cute compact, works well for my pasty wacky skin, and hasn't made me break out yet. Plus- brush, not puff. Hell yeah.

4. Magic Gloves- because they're thin enough I can still type with them on when the heat's fucked up in the office.

5. Puffs with Lotion- because they do. Really. Really. Do.

6. Jim Rome's impersonation of Michael Jackson in a bar fight- Because seriously, it's freakin' hysterical (and Brittney Spears is the one who suggested that option to him)

7. You guys, because you rock so hard.

8. Stephee, for reminding me of all the shit I loved about being a trainer. More on that later tonight- I'll share some of my favorite trainer stories. (And maybe, if you're good, I'll dig up some pictures)


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