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Looking for something interesting to read?

I humbly suggest Simon Winchester's Krakatoa. I'll admit, I wasn't a huge fan of The Professor and the Madman but that's just me. (Side note: a distant relative of FBD was also a major player in the creation of the Oxford English Dictionary. However, he was not the aforementioned "madman". That would have been far, far too easy.) Krakatoa is a well-written account of what happened on that fateful August day in 1883, with heaps of geological and other scientific backstory. I only wish he would have gone into more detail about the aftereffects of the eruption.

With the current rumblings of Mount St. Helens, and the recent Tsunamis, the book is made even more relevant/compelling.

Now I'll need to check out some of Winchester's other works.

I'm going to see if I can't book a doctor's appointment for the 18th, the day that Odie is having his wisdom teeth out. Once I get him back from that appt. I he should be fine for an hour or so. (I promise not to leave him alone with only hard candy, granola, triscuits and lemonade to subsist on...)

I'm a little cranked because I know full well the doctor's office is going to charge me an arm and a leg for a visit, because I haven't been there in about 3 years, (and since it's been that long, there's no way my doctor will just phone in the Rx). I will, however, kiss a lot of ass to get some samples (and since I have no insurance, I can take whatever they're giving- and there's a new drug on the market, which means there should be freebies) At least that will offset the atrocious cost of the stuff.

These stupid headaches do eat it. I don't have a specific trigger, it could quite literally be just about anything, especially the week I'm "ridin' the cotton pony". Caffeine, too little sleep, too much sleep, peanuts, hot dogs, cheese, perfume, cigarette smoke, barometric pressure changes, being out in the sun too long, converting oxygen into carbon dioxide, stress, orange juice, feh. You name it, it'll probably set me off if the moon's in the right phase. If it'd just be feckin' consistent, I could avoid the damn trigger, but it always changes. Bah.

And insurance. I've done everything short of saying "Gee, Boss, If I had the INSURANCE someone PROMISED ME when I started working here, I wouldn't have had to miss a DAY AND A HALF of work due to a headache I've had for A WEEK, because I could have taken A PILL on SATURDAY when this shit started, and nipped it in the motherfucking BUD." so, I'll instead hold out for the sunday paper again, and see who else is hiring with decent benefits. I did get an acknowledgement postcard from the newspaper, and I hope I'll hear from them soon. I really COULD do that job with half my brain tied behind my back.


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