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I. Am. In. Love.


Craft Corner Deathmatch.

I have never, ever wanted to be on TV before. Then I watched Craft Corner Deathmatch.

Think Iron Chef meets Martha Stewart meets the Daily Show.

(And Frank DeCaro is a judge! Yes!)

You're pitted against another crafter in timed segments. You're given the materials, and a theme and your work is judged. The winner goes against the "Crafter of Steel" a professional crafty person.

Do you know how I would so OWN this show? Today they did wind chimes from kitchen implements, iron on accessorizing of a pair of jeans, and the final battle was a hot glue watch (using sparkly, and colored glue sticks, cooled). I would seriously whup some ass.

Now I have to figure out how to stay up till 10:00 on Wednesdays (or be home at 2 something on Fridays.) because this show fucking ROCKS.

In other news, Odie had his wisdom teeth out today, and seems to be doing well. Apparently, he was administered the anesthetic, and was out pretty much instantaneously, woke up in another room, and wondered "why they hadn't fuckin' started yet." They were done. He then offered to take everyone out for beers. He beats me. I don't remember anything after telling them "Make it fast, I hate needles" and counting backwards from 10. (I got to 6, I think.) I came to in my mother's minivan, wondering how the hell I got out there. Heh.

G. Monkey aced her first interview for becoming a Copy Writer (which she rocks at), and has a second one on Wednesday. A temp agency I sent a resume to last summer called to offer me a position- I'm going to check in with them, and see what the job IS first. Bosslady mentioned that she's trying to get donated office space today. I don't have the heart to tell her that she should go ahead and, um, wait on that one.

Anyway. That's what's new over here.


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