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Happy Birthday Odie!

A big ol' shout-out to Odie, official younger brother of Special Sauce. He turns 23 today.

You grew up into a pretty decent and responsible adult. Who'd have ever imagined it? And yes, you should be thrilled that we didn't really name you Alfonzo Garbanzo Bozo, so it would all rhyme with our last name. And I probably wasn't totally serious when I offered to sell you to Grandma for a penny. C'mon, I was five. I'm sorry I flung you "hammer" style into the screen door when you were 6, (though at the time, you probably deserved it) and your revenge is that you're a good foot taller than me, and hold a far, far better paying job. Good on ya.
Just remember the times that I used to wait for your bus after school so I could kick the shins of the little bastards who picked on you, whenever I'm selling my plasma for a few cans of cat food, and help your sister out. :P

Happy Birthday!

P.S. You have to share your copy of Napoleon Dynamite, or I'm tellin' Mom.

ETA: Nothing sucks harder than realizing you're turning into your dad, and completely fucking up people's ages. Odie's 23 today, not 22 as I so crackheadedly put before. (I chalk it up to the fact that I wasn't home for the past 2 birthdays, so my timleline is skewed.)


Blogger parcequilfaut said...

Happy Birthday, Elvis Nephew!

Much love, ET! Nice long post over my way to make up for the last week. And it's ranty, kind of.

10:47 PM  

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