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No news is...

...good news?

Um, sure it is.

As of 8:15 PM Tuesday, I am still waiting on a call from the woman that will permit me to do my "I hateyouIhateyouIhateyouIhateyouIhateyouIhateyou.....I QUIT!" jig. This morning's email said she's still working with Blue Cross (yay!) to get info on insurance before she completes an offer. At least I'm being kept in the loop, but I am itchin' to get away from my present job.

In other news...
A special "Happy Anniversary" to G. Monkey and Mr. Monkey, who were married 2 years ago today. Never before have I seen two people so very right for each other. I wish them a lifetime of happiness together.

I only hope that someday I will meet someone as fabulous as Mr. Monkey, he is quite possibly the most placid yet amazing person to ever walk the planet. He is a perfect match for G. Monkey, the most incredible friend a sauce could ever have. I can't wait till they have little monkeys, for they will be perfect offspring.

Working on: A top secret christmas present for G. Monkey, (almost done), a sock, the multi-directional-tomato scarf (which I have discovered is unnecessary- I found about 8 scarves and hats in the storage unit last week- but will finish anyway), a powerful crush on Steelers QB Ben Rothlisberger, a plot to take over the world, a nervous ulcer if that woman doesn't call soon.

That is all...


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