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Holy Cannoli!

Yes. Cannoli.

For I have tasted the pastry, and it was crispy. Its creamy ricotta filling was perfectly sweet. The miniature chocolate chips were subtle. The powdered sugar was understated. I very nearly had to smoke a cigarette after enjoying the delightful little dessert.

I'm talkin' Termini Brothers baby.

Their cannoli is proof that there is a god, somewhere, and she definitely wants us to be happy.

And they deliver.

Now if I could just get Ambrosia to airmail me a Florida Roll or twelve, I may never have to leave my house again.


Of course, I wasn't in Philadelphia just for the Cannoli, although that would be reason enough. No, I was in Philly to explore Fabric Row, and find some lovely prints for our Apron-a-thon (or whatever we decide to call this). We got a lot of exciting fabric, and barely made a dent in 4th street. Most places were closed for the holidays, so we missed out, but the ones we did go to- Wunnerful! So, we'll have to make a few more trips down there, and enjoy ourselves. (And cannoli.)

Today's Mood : Forgetful
Today's Project: Multidirectional Diagonal Scarf in Gefrida's Stripes.
Today's Goal: To find out who put the bop in the bop sh'bop sh'bop.

Miscellaneous Link Du Jour- Because someday, I will Marry R.K. Milholland.

That is all.


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