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Holy Slacker, Batman!

Yikes! Ok, so I've been a bit of a slacker. (And by "bit" I mean, "complete and total".) If I swore to you (all none of you, who are reading this) that it was for a good reason would you believe me?

Nah. I wouldn't believe me either (it's the shifty, beady eyes).

OK. In the intervening time I have managed to turn another year older, and continue to inch toward that age where things like "decency" and "respectability" are mandatory.

I'm also still employed by the little guild that could. (yeah, could drive me crazy, could turn me into a raging alcoholic, could suck my will to live, could make me question every move I make, could remove all sense of dignity and self-worth and could continue to employ me at poorhouse wages.) I'm also still playing Resume Roulette. So. Here's the pitch.

If anyone is looking for a qualified, experienced, competent Administrative Assistant, Executive Secretary, or other similar position, feel free to contact me. I have excellent skills, impeccable phone manners, am ridiculously organized, learn new things rapidly, and am a thousand times more polite in person than I am on here. Salary is negotiable, but things like health insurance are not.

This is something new for me, because usually, I'm the girl everyone wants- but I've put out at least a dozen resumes and re-upped at my local temp agency (where I was their Temp of the Month, for god's sakes, and had nothing but positive reviews, and was even hired Permanently by one of my placements) and have heard NOTHING. A bit disheartening. The big boss knows I am looking. She agreed to provide a pay raise (less than what I was asking) with a 40 hour week, but it still wouldn't kick in immediately, and she wasn't offering a similar package for my co-worker who needs the money just as badly, and has been there 4 years longer than I had.

The whole thing about the little guild that could (...) is really kind of sad, because it has so much potential, if it weren't for the fact that we work for a woman who is absolutely batshit crazy. There is no advance planning. Everything is triage, for a zillion reasons. I could share stories that would make your hair fall out, but they'll serve no purpose but to make me want to cry. This isn't really how I envisioned things turning out, you know?

But enough self-obsessed navel-gazing.

On to self-obsessed chipperness.

Things seem to really be coming together for a business plan with G-Monkey. (Familial naysaying aside) We had a really encouraging meeting with a local small-businesswoman and have new direction for starting up.

I also have a jonesing to do some writing again, and perhaps that will show up here. Fall usually gets my creative muck flowing.

Today's mood: Angrily Perplexed.

Today's projects: 1300 random direct mail pieces (with papercuts on my tongue to prove it)
Multi-directional diagonal scarf with neat tomatoey stripey yarn from gefrida.
Maintaing will to live.

Tomorrow's goal: at least starting to sew the placemats for Saturday's craft at the codger corral.

That is all.


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