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It's Monday. I'm Boring.

June 28

That sums it up, actually. The weekend was amusing, as far as weekends go. I worked Saturday at the Codger Corral and got to swap "Good God, do you remember THAT whackjob resident?" stories with the Admin on duty. I have successfully avoided gross pink lipstick kisses for 2 weeks now, and consider that a record.

Sunday I picked up the official coffee mug d'Special Sauce, and glazed a rather large fish. I'm rather hoping it comes out well. Today I'm reveling in having 2 whole days off in a row, before I go to the office tomorrow.

Crafty Accomplishments this weekend:

1. Picked up and put a moss-stitch border on the bottom edge of the ground chuck sweater, will also do it on the sides of the back/fronts, because I like the way it looks (and coincidentally will make the pattern a tad wider because I am a moron. A lazy moron at that. I think it will work to my advantage however.) The bottom still rolls a bit, but once I have the thing finished, I will put a ribbon facing on it and that should cease.

2. The big ol' fish chimnea.

3. A quilt square that probably has a name, but since I didn't bother using a pattern, shall remain nameless. It looks cute, and not bad for a first effort. Consider me amazed.

House News:

I'm not dead yet.

Work News:
I haven't killed anyone yet.
G Monkey and I had a delightful conversation on Friday night, after Cheddar Theater. We've come to the conclusion that she cannot deal with the Big Boss indefinitely, and I will not deal with the Big Boss without Monkey. So, we're going to work harder on our escape route, so when this organization pulls a Hindenburg, we've got something to fall back on. (There's always the black market for human organs.) The whole topic is rather depressing, in a very "you don't need to be subjected to my whining" kind of way, so lets move on to...

Cheddar Theater News:

The Lost Skeleton of Cadavra was absolutely priceless. (Although it did leave Monkey saying "It was good, but I could do it better") The T-Shirts were a hit, the cookies were delicious, and we've got some wicked good ideas for some side projects.

All told, perhaps not as boring as I had thought, then again, maybe you just had to be there.

More to come.


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