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It could always be worse...

Well, it was a Tuesday. 6/22/2004

That's about the only thing I can really tell you about today. I'm spending tomorrow in the office, getting caught up on the boring shit that I didn't feel like dealing with while in the thick of the HHA overhaul. We convinced the Big Boss that contractors are good, and paying someone to do things faster and better than we can do them is even better. Yay.

Highlight of the day: discovering the hideous carpet in the top floor wasn't covering linoleum. Underneath the eyeball popping carpet we found a gorgeous cork floor in nearly pristine condition. This made up for the bookshelves and random pieces of wood that were put up with nails just slightly larger than the ones used to attach Jeebus to the cross. (I fear the original work was done by people whose parents were also siblings...)

Looking forward to Friday's installment of Cheddar Theater. Not sure what we're watching, but we'll make something appropriately disgusting for a treat. One of these days when I get enough time, I'll whip up a delicious meat head for zombie night. G. Monkey and I have already planned out this year's Halloween party, and will start making bodies, limbs, and other repulsive delights. Ah, sweet, sweet gore. How I love thee.

On that note, off to work on the Ground Chuck Sweater.


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