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Thanks for the crappy genes!

Never before have I been so thrilled to have a $*()#! migraine. 
Yesterday, after I left because of the aforementioned migraine, G. Monkey sensed it was time to 'splain the entire "we're about to implode and this is what we need to do" thing to the big bopper.  Much to everyone's surprise, the big bopper not only agreed, but was foursquare in favor of  every topic brought to her attention.  She didn't know she had blown a sum larger than my annual salary (which is a pittance) on a pet project that has nothing to do with our mission. 
The bad news is that I won't see any extra fundage untill Halloween.  All things considered, it could be worse.  Now I can pick up shifts at the codger corral, knowing that it's for the short term.  The bonus is I no longer have to be called the "secretary."  Not to slam the secretarial profession, as I have done that, but the work I'm currently doing is oh-so-much-more than managing appointments and answering the phone.  So now I get a title, business cards, and a shred of dignity.  Yay me.  (And Yay G. Monkey for makin' it happen.)
So all the work I did for the presentation is not for naught, we'll adapt it to potential board members, and keep the budget.  Now I get to plan a volunteer program!  Cross your fingers!
Still no new knitting news, think I will finish off the eons-old Magic Stripe socks, and perhaps cast on for new ones.  Fall will be here before we know it, and finishing off something that does require a bit of a brain will be a bit of a mental boost.  I'm hoping for yarn for the beeg birthday (cash will also be gladly accepted, and offerings of burly and/or smart and/or goofy men are always welcome.) 
For some fun, I recommend http://fuggingitup.blogspot.com/ the queens of Fugging It Up.  Snagged the link from Sars, highly enjoy the Fugstitutions and their fugcabulary.  Also, Paul kicks a lot of ass over at  http://www.livejournal.com/users/sclerotic_rings/ all while nurturing my inner science geek. 
And, for the friends I've finally sent the link to- you never call... you never write... you never send me marriage proposals anymore.  Heh. 


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