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Are You Better Off Now Than You Were Four Years Ago?

As much as I disliked the man, the quote above, is still apt today.

The 1990s brought unbelievable prosperity to the United States. There was a budget surplus, we were at peace, and the biggest problem the nation had was a bunch of overzealous Republicans who couldn't believe that the President enjoyed getting his dick sucked. They were heady, wonderful days, and we surely thought that there was no way Al Gore wouldn't be elected President. I mean, his opposition was a bumbling numbskull from the "fry me" state, who couldn't manage his way out of a damp paper bag, much less debate someone with a rudimentary mastery of the English language or- Elvis forbid- lead the nation.

What idiots we were.

We never believed, in our wildest dreams, we'd be stuck with someone as unqualified as George W. Bush as our President. Over the past four years, he has smirked his way into a war with someone who hadn't done anything to us (unless you count the fact that Saddam hated Dub's Daddy) while all but ignoring the man who did order the September 11 attacks. (more on that in a moment) He gave tax cuts to "everyone". Yeah, and that check for $200.00 really offset taking 22% of my income, while enormous corporations were free to exploit every loophole available to avoid paying any income tax at all. Lets not forget the richest people in the nation received the biggest tax break of all, because they were Dubs biggest supporters. At least Dub is smart enough to remember that delightful southern adage "you gots to dance with them what brung you".

Then there's the little matter of war. Almost 1,100 American soldiers are dead, and twenty times that number crippled mentally or physically. Men and women my age-- my brother's age, are fighting this war while old men watch from the safety of their homes, cheering on the heroism of the President. We are embroiled in a battle that has absolutely nothing to do with Al Queda, and everything to do with oil, and revenge. It simultaneously enrages and depresses me to think of the lives that have been lost for no reason. The soldiers are doing their jobs- they got sold on the "join the military, see the world, pay for college" rap we all got. They didn't have a choice in getting sent to Iraq. Most of them hoped to get sent to Germany, or maybe a quick tour in the Phillipines- get in, do their time, and get out. Alive. Sane. With all of their limbs. Instead, they got sent to settle a damned grudge. The most that I can hope for is that George W. Bush will see the faces of those he murdered and damaged every night as he tries to sleep. I hope those shades of lives cut short, and forever changed- not just of soldiers, but their families too- torment that man for the rest of his life.

After watching the debates, much like last time around, I can't imagine why anyone in their right mind would vote for Dub. He can't string a sentence together, he won't answer questions, and he refuses to acknowledge that what he did was wrong. John Kerry is educated, intelligent, coherent and has a plan to return our country to the respected position it once occupied. He did his duty in Vietnam, and understands what it's like to be stuck in a war that we should never have been in. I know he will end this one before we have another 10,000 soldiers killed, and still keep us safe here at home. He has proposed a logical plan for providing real tax relief to those of us who pay the most, and provide medical insurance for all Americans. For even half of these things, he should be President. It sickens me to think that there is a possiblity he may not win the election. For the sake of our country, for the sake of all of the little brothers out there, and for the sake of our sanity, he must be elected.

Places to go:

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Help a Soldier out -Books for Soldiers brings sorely-needed reading material to those serving overseas

I promise I'll get back to the snarky, happy installments sometime soon, but for now, do your duty, educate yourself, then vote Kerry/Edwards this November.


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