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Thank Elvis it's Saturday.

Never before have I been so thrilled for a weekend to come. This week has been one of the most unpredictable, uncomfortable, and unproductive ones I've experienced in a long time. While I showed up at work every day, I didn't stay every day, due to our Benevolent Dictator's complete lack of ability to decide what the hell she wants to do.

The latest decision (subject to change hourly) is that BD will keep the Little Nonprofit That Could (make me drink myself to sleep) open through an abbreviated season (4 speakers instead of 12), but is not guaranteeing that it will remain open after that if the community doesn't support it/her. We had an "emergency" meeting on Thursday night with random attendees, and BD managed to convey her complete and total idiocy to all present. She rambled for an hour (yes, a full hour) before actually getting to the point, took credit for doing way more than she does (to garner sympathy), bestowed a verbal promotion on me (I am now an "executive" secretary, apparently, which is still a far cry from what I actually do), and incorrectly pronounced the name of one of our authors not less than 7 times. People still want to help her, however, which amazes me.

In brighter news, I do have an interview, of sorts, with a woman who is starting a nearby nonprofit. She wants to work with the deveopmentally challenged, and their families. Everything I have heard sounds excellent, and I am interested in hearing what she has to say. IF this goes well, I may be able to make a lot of money, and do something that would actually make a difference in someone's life. I couldn't ask for a more interesting kind of job.

Also, if all none of you who read this, have a recipe handy for fried oreos, pickles or olives, I'd be indebted to you if you'd pass it on.

Today's Project: Still the multi-directional diagonal scarf
Today's Mood: anticipatory
Today's State of Being: Chilly.

That is all.


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