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That sound you hear

Is me shrieking with delight over the fact that I just finished and bound off the bottom band for Samus.

Of course, this means absolutely nothing to anyone but the Incomprable C, but that's beside the point.

Now I'm going to pick up the stitches for the sweater itself. *giddy*

And it's just odd timing that I had a discussion with P that it's difficult to find good Greek food around here, and Good Eats had a show about how to make Gyros. So would I be a total freak if I decided to whip up a batch for Wednesday night?

Yeah, I thought so*.

In other news: I could kiss the people at TCM for airing The Philadelphia Story tonight. I do so love Katharine Hepburn, especially in George Cukor movies.

*I'll probably do it anyway, though.


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