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So, about that-

Got the following items in my mail yesterday. (The real mail. Not the email. Nobody emails me. This is not awful.)

1. A "Gee, we're so glad you still work here, and you should totally check out your benefits because they really rock" letter from the HR department at work.

2. A notice of another job posting with the Chillin' and Yoot department. Of course, yes, let me drop everything, and attempt to go through this process again, only so you can make me interview, then never EVER get back to me. Why yes, that sounds positively peachy. Sign me up, will you? Fear not, C, I'm sending it back with "sorry, not available" checked off.

Aside to C... Your hot hospital boyfriend is totally trying to poach ferret trimmin' girl over to his department, which is part of what the drama was on Friday. (Seriously. He sent an emissary to convince her to defect. She's seriously considering it. Lovely.)

In other news: Went geocaching again today. This time we had very limited time, and the caches were hidden by the Marquis de Sade. (Honestly- what kind of sick bastard decides that his cache will be a CLEAR 35mm film canister in a canopy of brush?) We only found 1 of 3 we set out for, but the one we did find was pretty neat.


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