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And the tooth fairy's really your mom.

Seriously, People.

Last night, apparently, the local DA and assorted drug task force type people held some kind of public symposium on meth. No, they did not give out goodie bags. Rather, they attempted to inform the public about the scourge that is Meth. And, according to the delightful(ly bitchy) woman on the local news there was a mock meth lab set up for all to tour/see. That wasn't newsworthy in itself.

No, what was newsworthy was the fact that the majority of those in attendance had no idea that you could make meth out of common household items, including Sudafed.

Have they been living under a rock?

I do not exactly have my finger on the pulse of what's hip, now, new, or anything even remotely timely, but even *I* knew that there was a reason you have to fellate someone to get some decent cold medication these days. (I mean, besides it being written into the Pharmacist's contract...) I knew I lived in a rural community, but apparently not rural enough. Because let me tell you, folks up home? Probably have weekly/monthly meth recipe swaps like we have quilting parties. They've probably got the daily Meth Minute on the noon radio broadcast, right in between Who's in the Hospital, and the Happy Birthdays*.

Speechless people. Speechless.

*No. I'm not making that up. They do broadcast who's in the hospital (or have since relegated that to only the newspaper) and birthdays. Right after Paul Harvey. And that's the rest of the story.


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