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Well, that was fun!

This is where I went yesterday with He Who Has Yet To Be Named. (Susquehannock park, for those who are lazy.) Nothing challenging as far as hiking- just nice walk, but we did see an eagle, and that? Was awesome. It was pretty funny too- we were sitting there, and he literally just said "Well, I honestly didn't expect to see an eagle today." and about a half second later, up flies one, right past us.

We went down to Lock 12, and played around on the rocks there too. In all, it was a beautiful day, and totally kept me from thinking about that godawful football game. Heh.

I never stop watching games halfway through, unless I can help it. Yesterday's steelers game? I didn't even make it to the half. I don't think Tommy Maddox knows that the guys in the black shirts are on his team, and the guys in the white shirts are the other guys. And the guys running around in tutus that nobody else can see? They don't exist. The white shirts and the tutus are not who you're supposed to throw the ball to.

Honestly. I could see Ben and Charlie on the sidelines going- Coach. Seriously. You let THIS guy play? Maddox was injured in practice. He was throwing to people who weren't even there, (when he wasn't throwing to the guys on the other team) it wasn't just bad, it was godawful. So I left.

But on the upside? Odie's new apartment is nice. And the further up side? I totally got to spend the day with HWHNBNY and that was rather good. Rather good indeed.

Now, if i just didn't wake up at 5 ayem to make breakfast for Boss's day. (ugh. Still have the headache I started yesterday. still can't find my hospital ID, and I've torn the house APART looking for it. I even cleaned out my car, to no avail. I think the cat carried it off. Damnit.)


Blogger Fiber said...

Stupid hospital ID.
Give my love to HWHYTBN, but not the special sauce kind of lovin' you're planning on giving him....

6:07 PM  
Blogger Stacey said...

Fiber sent me here! You should really get that case of scabies checked.

Oh, and BTW, leave an envelope of cash in her mailbox. I think 20's would work.

8:22 PM  

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