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Tastes like chicken.

Yeah, so the now retitled boyfriend chicken? Awesome.
Recipe? Manana.

Why is it that my phone doesn't ring, ever, from 4:30 till 5:00 on a day when I have all the time in the world to do whatever I freakin' want after work, but when I've got to get the hell out of there at 5:00:01 I get a call that will take me a half hour to deal with?

Mind you, I get paid to show the overnight accomodations for out of town families in need. But seriously it takes a half hour, minimum, and when did the concierge call me? 4:56. Say it with me, boys and girls. $()!()#!&$*@!($#*~!! The people I took around were very nice, and exceptionally appreciative, but that didn't change the fact that I didn't leave work till 5:30, and had really hoped to have picked up some prosciutto and been home by then. That? Didn't happen. Oh well.

And dessert? Ginger Creme Brulee. And no, he was not aware beforehand that Creme Brulee is my absolute favorite dessert. And yes, he has a pocket blowtorch, and yes, it was utterly fabulous. The ginger was there, but wasn't overly strong (like a ginger altoid), and the whole thing was... damn. It was awesome.

This one? Definitely a keeper. (Shit, did I just say that?)


Blogger NWJR said...

Fiber sent me. Actually, she ordered me to come here. Alright, she threatened to decapitate my firstborn and fill my gas tank with sugar if I didn't visit.

But hey, it worked!

You have a cool blog. Be sure to visit my site about Dogs on Viagra.

OK, that's not really my site.

But I'm sure you get the joke.

Have a great day.

8:32 AM  
Anonymous Lina said...

Fiber sent me. I was ordered here as well, however I believe my threat contained something about pissing in my bed. But, then again, what else is new?

Just think, someday maybe you too can be the object of the "piss in your bed" threat. It's the sign that you've officially arrived. Trust me.

10:02 AM  
Blogger Steph said...

i promise NOT to piss in your bed....ever. yet, i do utterly promise to be sitting in the front row on the church high 5ing you during the vows.

tell us more!!!

12:40 PM  
Blogger Special Sauce said...

Well, fiber did want to send me the middle finger, via email, yesterday.

In fact, I encourage you all to ask her to pick up your pen for you, make a couple of copies, and chew your food for you... she LOVES that.

nwjr- Hee! Dogs on viagra. Nice. The joke, she is gotten.

Hiya Lina! I can't wait till I get the piss in your bed threat! Oh, to have truly arrived!

Stephee- Hee! It's a bit soon for that, now... but shit. I'll have to call you tonight- when do you wake up?

7:11 AM  

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