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Your mission,

should you chose to accept it, is to go on over right now (really, right now. I'll wait) to the Fabulous C.'s blog. You may already know the Fabulous C. as the Yarn Enabler. She doth rock, and her blog doth deserve your attention.

And you know it's late at night when I start throwing doths around like they're going out of style. So unless you found my site looking for porn, I recommend that you stop over there, say hi, and tell her that I hear Glove Boy's bought her little something... and that I prefer my cash donations to be freshly laundered.

In other, randomly squishy news, I'm cooking for HWHYTBN (though while we're on the initial kick, he may just be P, or perhaps Diddy, because it amuses me)tomorrow night. The hereby declared "Boyfriend Chicken" (though I know that the original recipe for boyfriend chicken looks nothing like what I'll be preparing. I just like the name. So there. Thppt.)

And because I know she'll ask...
C- I ended up hitting Target, AND going to P's for dinner, then going to the grocery store. I did the whirlwind Target tour, but barely covered any serious ground- I whipped through HBA like a madwoman, and tried on a few outfits (buying one) but had to race out of there to make it to P's by 7. Craziness.

More when I know it.


Blogger Christine said...

Yep, well, hi! 24 Knits sent me to say hi. I can't believe that I am the first one!!! Good luck with the boy. Ginger Creme Brulee sounds too good!

6:20 AM  
Blogger Special Sauce said...


Thanks for givin' me the look-see Christine! You too, Stacey!

That Fiber's a very persuasive one. :)

Thanks! It was awesome, and I've got my fingers crossed!

6:51 AM  

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