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A bit too much information.

Private to the person who found my blog by googling "burning sensation upon urination and vomiting" you might want to see a doctor about that.

Today was remarkably uneventful. Well, except for NOT being informed that there was a food order to pick up and take to one of the units. A piece of information that could have been passed along before someone I work with took today off...

Caution: I'm about to get girly and squicky about stuff that you probably don't care about, even if you don't have a penis. You've been duly warned.

Tomorrow I get to do my annual "hey-why-are-you-touching-me-there-you-didn't-even-offer-to-buy-me-dinner-yet" fling. At least this time I've got insurance.
Enh, at least I'm visiting my friends at Planned Parenthood. I seriously love the nurse practitioner there. If I've got to show off my goodies to a virtual stranger, I'm glad it's her. Socks on the stirrups, and she at least has a sense of humor. Not quite the "pulling a silk scarf out of your hoo-hah" sense of humor, or a wacky squirting speculum type, but she's just warped enough.

While I'm there, I'm thinking I may switch off to the patch, and/or perhaps try this whole "no really, you only have to bleed 4 times a year" thing again. Anyone had any luck with either? I tried the poor man's seasonale last year (take your ortho cyclen for 3 months solid, skipping the inactive pills) and was significantly less than thrilled with the results. (can we say... "got my period anyway and it lasted forever"? I knew you could, boys and girls...) The rationale is it MIGHT help my headaches. They seem to have improved somewhat (meaning they haven't been as severe, but they also haven't been as predictable) while I was off the pill, but I really can't NOT be on the pill anymore. So we'll see.

Or something.


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