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A riddle

Question: What has 10 thumbs and puts on a fucking great show?

Answer: These guys.
Also, if you answered These other guys? You're correct too... (And it's spooky, but Laney? Looks like Odie.)

Don't let the early timestamp fool you. I came. I saw. I rocked my ass off. I came home. Life is jolly. I even eschewed the Mexican Lampshade skirt for something a bit more comfortable (Namely my Hildy's Ramones shirt, furry leopard print sneakers, and my favorite denim skirt. Commmmmmmfy.) I did not have to resort to throwing elbows, but I do have to ask this- Why is it that there's always that ONE freak at every show who is always about 20 years older than the average concertgoer, who feels compelled to ask you questions about the show? And why does that guy always find ME? Seriously. ("How old are you? How many times have you been here? How many times have you seen this guy? Is it true he does coke on stage?" "30, more than I can count, this is the 4th or 5th time, and no, it's not.") And this guy? Totally had to bitch about the "Drunk, obnoxious" guy behind him. Hel-LO, I know the feeling. Except you're not drunk, but you ARE annoying, old guy with a cigar. You're in a bar. With 2 rowdy bands. What did you expect? Also? These boobies? Don't belong to you. Staring at them won't change that. Goodbye. And really, you're at a punkabilly show. Cigar? Not appropriate.

Anyway. I had a great time, and I'm glad Anon nutted up and took a nap, and came out. Also, if you're in town, I recommend going to DipCo (or wherever you can get it in your town) and get some Brooklyn Pumpkin Ale, because you will not regret it. So. Good.


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