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No, they didn't win

The terrorists have not won, our computer simply died.

Of course I've been jonesing for an email fix over the past few days- I can't check my gmail at work, and I don't want to dooced, so...

The sad news is there's absolutely nothing to report. So instead, I'll answer a comment question from the lovely and talented MWN.

What did I find while I was geocaching? Most of the items were run of the mill, though we did find quite a few religious tracts (go figure). In all we found 4. The most interesting one had a travel bug in it- a stuffed pelican who started his journey in Newfoundland, and made his way across the US and Canada. That was really pretty damned cool. P's stuck working this weekend, but is off next weekend. I hope the weather stays nice so maybe we can do it again. It's kind of like going on a scavenger hunt, but for grownups. (Geeky grownups, but grownups nonetheless.)

G. Monkey's coming over tonight for bad movies and bad for you food, so this should be fun. I was considering (and now with P having to work, I may still do so) a few Decemberween (In October) costumes- my favorite is as follows:

Me: Attired normally, with a "Hi! My name is:" Sticker, marked "Your Ex Girlfriend". In my arms is a wee tot, with a similar sticker marked "Yours", and perhaps a DNA test or Child Support documents.

Ever the more amusing, since I had to go buy a pregnancy test on Tuesday. NOT FOR ME. Let me reiterate, the Sauce. Is not. With child. (and while it's not entirely outside the realm of possibility, sort of like Britney Spears's kid NOT turning into a trailer trash 'neck, it's merely HIGHLY unlikely.) No, I had to buy it for my coworker. At work. In the convenience pharmacy. And who waits on me? The Tom Green lookin' guy that I ride the shuttle van to work with all the damn time.

Yeah. That wasn't awkward.

And for the record, SHE isn't knocked up either. (And for those who read Fiber's blog? Yes, I work with the girl who cut herself whilst trimmin' the ferret.)
More later.


Blogger Fiber said...

Let us also be clear on the point that it is not I that required the prego test.
I repeat - it's not all in there.
Got me?

10:15 PM  
Blogger Special Sauce said...

Yes. Fiber? ALSO not knocked up.
Noooooo. Not even.

10:33 PM  

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