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Who knew?

Who knew Evil could type so well? I always knew she was a smart kitty. I suppose this means I have to change my blogger password, or give her her own blog now, right? Heh. Of course, if she was really smart, she'd stop eating the dry cat food, because it makes her puke.

So now Silent Bob's sneezing, and I'm thinking I should just have a standing appointment with the Vet. Say Mondays, around 10:00? Would work for us. I'm going to give her another day to see if she doesn't improve, before calling to see if I can't just stock up on Amoxicillin. Because, jeez...

Saturday's trip to the Drive-In was good, though the movies were kinda dumb. (No shock.) Saw Amityville Horror and the Ring II. Neither was particularly scary, unless you count the hypodermic needle scene in RII. (And I do, because damn, do I hate needles.) Otherwise, meh. The male lead in Amityville was super creepy, mostly because I believe his torso somewhere has a "Mattel" stamp.

Otherwise, quiet weekend, quiet morning. Life... is good.


Blogger parcequilfaut said...

Who knew the MK knew your URL? They always surprise us....

6:10 PM  

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