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Trading Spaces?

Enh, I always thought Changing Rooms was better, but that's a discussion for another time.

Apparently, Bosslady may have found an office space for me, and I could very well be moving by the end of the week. Crazy. I'm actually sort of looking forward to this- being out of the cabana, and working in a building where there are actual (:gasp:) people! I am looking forward to having a place to plug in a coffeemaker, stash my yogurt & diet Dr. Pepper supply, and prominently display my Bob's Big Boy bobblehead.

Schnikeys, I won't know how to act.

You'll know when I know.

In other news, there really isn't much other news. I am still sunburned and covered in apple green paint. I will show off this look tomorrow at work, when I wear my brand-spankin'-new Girl's Bike Club shirt. Evil is holding up, and let me sleep in my own bed till 3:30 this morning. Silent Bob was none-too-silent on the way to the vet's and back, but was well behaved otherwise. And unfortunately, no personalized space for me yet.

Come back, ET, we miss you!


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