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Hopdevil Haze

Yep, that's what I'm in now. That's what I get for being a lightweight, I suppose.

But first, the backstory:
I took place in the "Great Amurrican Gift Card Hunt" for Bosslady today. This is actually a very good thing, despite being (say it with me kids, "Not. My. Job.")it was beautiful outside, and I drove all over this county and the next to track down gift cards for Bosslady's soccer club soiree tomorrow. Hell, I got to go to Target, and I even found the cutest wedgies (and they fit as if they were made for my misshapen feet- I couldn't believe it), a cute skirt-y thing, matching shirts, and a cute purse for spring.

This is a major deal- usually I find nothing I can fit my ass (or feet) into at Target, and end up with housewares. Woo!

While in the next county over, I hit Borders, and got to actually talk to Chi-Chi-Steve, who IS coming up on his 10th anniversary there this summer. We exchanged email addresses, and that was a good thing. I haven't hung out with him in ages.

After work, I stopped at Stoltzfus's house, and we ended up grabbing a bite and a few beers on the deck at the restaurant around the corner. This was awesome- I haven't hung out with just Stoltzfus before, and we had a blast. I've earned a new nickname too. Especially because nobody calls me Special Sauce (That was something G. Monkey and I came up with while remodeling Hell's Half Acre.) Now, I am officially "The Craft Ninja".

That's right. Craft Ninja. Fear my circular needles of doom. Watch in awe as I fling half-completed socks on double pointed needles as if they were throwing stars. Be terrorized by my flaming glue gun of death. I will swoop in on a rope made from the hides of the less-talented, and redecorate anything that doesn't move, and slip away again faster than you can say "Sandra Lee is a Lush!" Fear the Craft Ninja.

Oh. And I'm also working on a "Foodage" blog. A repository for all things food-related. (Yes, really.) I've got a few recipes I want to pass on from Magic Dude, and a few of my own that I don't think I've posted here, plus a few golden oldies. More on that when it goes live (sometime this weekend, I think). I may even scan a few swell pages from the old cookbooks I have. Woot!

(And I promise, I won't spend ALL of my time pontificating about how wonderful Alton Brown is. Honest.)


Blogger Steph said...

who and the blue hell is chi-chi steve?

1:15 AM  
Blogger parcequilfaut said...

I painted a mirror frame today, I make a mean collage and wield a fearsome mojo bag.

We are totally twins.

And I haven't updated in forever, but forgive me, shit is complicated Parceside.

Did you get my note?

1:23 AM  
Blogger Special Sauce said...

Hrm. I have missed a few comments (Usually blogger emails them to me) so I think I missed your note ET, unless it was snail mail, in which case it may arrive today. (Yay!)

Oh man, we are indeed hardcore twins- I used to do a LOT of collage. In fact, my high school folders were collaged. (Incorporating a lot of Sassy from before it sucked.) I have one of them still, somewhere. We can be... Craft Ninjas!

Stephee- Chi-Chi-Steve used to work at my store but switched when York opened up (went with Squirrel Bob). Chi-Chi is the really REALLY tall guy who liked action figures and draws really great comic books. Exceptionally nice guy.

7:29 AM  

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