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Friday -o-rama

I had planned to do some big old April Fool's post today, about how Bosslady drove me to the brink, and I told her to take this job, and cram it sideways, with walnuts. Because, I knew it wasn't going to happen.

Well. It very well could tonight, if she shows up at my "photo shoot", as she is declaring she will. I wish I was joking. Because she "needs to make sure Stoltzfus has the signs done by Monday" so she'll "be over at his house tonight." Which is fine and good, but I reminded her I. Have booked Stoltzfus for the evening. Her response? "Well, I don't care what you do, you do your thing, I'll be there anyway."

Um. No.

Details as they come.

And, because it's another beautiful day outside, I'm prompted to think about happy stuff. So I present:

Special Sauce's List of Good Stuff:

1. Yoplait Light Yogurt. I surely thought I had a winner when I found Dannon Light & Fit. I have a new mistress now. The Yoplait Harvest Peach is quite possibly the most fun one can have for 55 cents. Hunks of froot! So yummy. The blackberry's not bad, but too many seeds. Bonus: no freaky cornstarchy texture! Hate their container shape though.

2. Sunshine. I am pasty pale. I glow in the dark. As Paul T. Riddell says, "When I go outside, I do a cool Diamond Blue Tip Match impersonation". But damn, if that sunshine isn't awesome. Bonus: Freckles!

3. Stoltzfus. Sure, he's the one who tipped me off to my present employment, but he's a swell guy anyway, and he's givin' me a good hookup for these photos.

4. Today's Go Fug Yourself rocks.

5. Fridays. Fridays freakin' rock. I'm planning on doing some hardcore cleaning, some hardcore laundry, and some fun stuff involving a jumprope and dumbbells. I hope the weather holds.

6. Emails from Joe Bob Briggs rock. Just because, damnit, they really do.

7. The drive-in opening this weekend also fucking rocks. And if they're showing Sin City, I will be there. Mmm. Sin City.

Have a great weekend. Be safe, and stuff too.


Blogger parcequilfaut said...

I am deeply hurt that ET's Tats didn't make it into the Happy About List...that's it, you're out of the will.


Anyway, if you're going to be up from 1-3 am EST, hit up WRVU...because tonight is TV Time, and I bet they have something cooked up for AFD. Plus, hey, ET on the radio.

Belated happies to G-monkey too! I was so self centered about the MM drama that I forgot. And lock bosslady out if she tries to barge up in your photo shoot.

10:10 PM  

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