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Why yes, I am covered in paint!

This was a positively beautiful weekend. I've spent more time outside in the past two days than I have in the past two months. Huzzah.

I've even managed to get myself a bit of a sunburn on my forearms (startin' that farmer tan early this year.)

Today we painted the patio furniture a delightful shade of springy/apple green. Very pale, very pretty, and very permanently affixed to random places on my arms and legs. No, it is not possible for me to paint (or bake, come to think of it) without getting schmutz all over me. And this being oil-based paint, it's going to be there for a while. I'd rather NOT do a full-body turpentine-rubdown.

The rest of the weekend was spent cooking (Souvlaki! Spare ribs! Strawberry tart!), chilling out on the porch swing, and soaking in a lot of sunshine. So. Good.

In other news:

Someone was fucking with my work PC over the past day or so, because messages that WERE there when I checked my webmail yesterday, are not there this evening. The only way that happens is if someone actually got onto my PC and opened up my outlook (thus downloading the messages waiting on the server, and clearing them off). Not that there was anything really exciting there to read, however, there is absolutely no reason for anyone to use that PC. (Bosslady has no fewer than 3 computers in her own house.)

Silent Bob goes to the vet tomorrow for her shots. Then, toward the end of May she gets spayed. I wonder if I can get some sort of "Frequent Visit" card, or maybe my own parking space at the Vet's office. I've seen Doc Haver more often than I've seen G. Monkey lately.

Speaking of G. Monkey, she is staying at the Museum O'doom. The Evil Empire was actually offering her a much lower salary than originally anticipated, and with O'doom's counteroffer, coupled with promises of design work, and the fact that she's home by 4:30 every day, and the fact that the Evil Empire might go under within the next year, meant that she'd be a fool not to stay at O'doom. And G. Monkey? Is no fool.


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